Today is exactly the 15th birthday of a masterpiece album by Abbath's band "I". "Between Two Worlds" was released on Nov, 3rd, 2006.

It's not something I often played in the past. Because, if you can't remember the name of the album, it's almost impossible to find the band through the various online streaming services - that's because of its name... But once we had a new wardrobe installed at home, things changed.

Everytime I see or touch its handles, I cannot help but think of the band "I".

These are the handles.

And this is what the cover of "Between Two Worlds" looks like:

See what I mean?

So... happy birthday to "Between Two Worlds". You can listen to the album here.

For more visual resemblances like this, you can follow my "How I See..." mini photo-series.

🙂 Have a nice day,


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