If you want your songs to sound like any of those, please, drop me a message!

Credits:  Some of the songs are newly-mixed versions of already released and pulished material, so here are some credits as required by the bands and their producers • Nephylim - "The Bitter Inheritance" was originally produced and mixed by Martijn Paauwe in 2020 for the "Severance of Serenity" album / nephylim.nl • Nine Exist - "Dishearten" - originally mixed by Crownseeker Studios / Mathias Fältskog


The quality of your recordings is crucial when it comes to how many people will like and share them. Your songs definitely deserve a professional mix. You can get that quality in just a few days. Just give me your tracks and you'll get a modern, polished product, ready to be released and shared with the world.  

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Hi, my name is Julian.

I'm a producer from Bulgaria and I love working with metal music.

Why should you trust me with your tracks? Well, because I have the advantage of running a small business which means that I will put ALL my time and EFFORT in your product. I will also ask for feedback and we will discuss things until we reach the best quality and make it sound the way you always wanted it to.

I love helping artists with their recordings and I will give 110% of my efforts to make your record/song/ep sound tight, polished, lound & clear.

I work with attention to every detail.

Do you want your songs to sound professional, loud and dynamic in the same time?

Send me a message and we can make it happen.


For mixing, pricing and other questions, please drop me a message and I'll reply within a day's time.