All that comes to mind and is worth mentioning...

All that comes to mind and is worth mentioning...

All that comes to mind and is worth mentioning...


...and a few other things that are not.

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  Hey, my name's Julian and I do graphic design (a.k.a. commercial art) to help people, brands and products look better and sexier so that they can draw more attention and sell better.

  I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology but my passion lies in visual arts & communication as well as modern technologies. Lately I have a great interest in making things move (on the screen). It's kind of the same as my artworks but with motion added to it. Stay tuna!

  To my surprise, I also show some good talent in expressing myself with words and, as my colleagues say - I'm good at writing some nice copy.. Go figure! :)

E-m@il or Donkey?

Hello! Did you know how much luggage can a donkey carry? Well… it can carry about an @ (arroba). The word arroba has its origin in Arabic ar-rubʿ (الربع) or…

Image Transfer

A few year ago I started experimenting with image transfer. It’s like printing something on white paper and then transferring only the black parts onto another piece of paper, wood……

Fields Of The Ink Splatter


  In a digital world, hand-made things become more unique than ever before.

  That is why I love doing my own custom stuff - such as ink-stains, scratches, watercolor or ink textures, image transfer, photos of grunge surfaces.

  It's like a betrayal to the New Digital Messiah.

20211022_224129 (Large)

...and other morbid tales


  I also have a passion for cooking, cats (mind the comma, please!), books and movies (mainly documentaries), music and sound engineering.

20211022_154907 (Custom)

  I practice reading with a pencil since I was @ school and now I am also applying this approach while watching a movie or even - listening to music.


Mourning Coffee Newsletter

Mourning Coffee Newsletter

Mourning Coffee Newsletter

Have fun while you're having your coffee. Let's discover together interesting stuff to read (mostly art-related), some good music and videos, movies, objects and tools, art, websites and resources, good food and anything else I stumble upon.

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