Howdy! I started a mini photo series I wanted to start posting.

"How To See" is an amazing book by George Nelson and it inspired my photographic journey. The main theme here is that visual literacy is not something you're born with but, on the contrary - something that can, could and (in my opinion) should be learned and nourished.

That is what made me start sharing the things I notice on a daily basis - the things that, perhaps, nobody else is paying attention to or, at least - not in the way I see them. It's the things that give me ideas for everything I create.

All the new chapters of the mini photo series I will share here:

Most of these are taken with my smartphone because I don't always (or usually) carry my camera with me. And the things "we don't see" are everywhere we go. Some of them can be turned into an abstract painting, some can be vectorized and others - transformed into a nice web element. And some are beautiful just the way they are. In other words - if you're out of creative ideas, which I think happens to all of us when we get stuck, take a walk!

This far you can see/read the following episodes:

The stuff we're surrounded by nowadays is mostly man-made. Sometimes, an object is put next to the other in a way it makes no sense. It was created or moved to its place with no thought of everything else around whatsoever. On the other hand, again for the same reason, there is some perfect and definitely unintentional harmony between two or more objects. It is up to us if we decide to see. Usually, we don't have the time for that. This is why walks are perfect for the occasion.



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